Paris, Ontario Prints

Paris, Ontario Prints

All prints of Paris  and pillows do not include shipping.   Most people who buy prints of paris are local. However if you would like to have a print delivered locally,  I would be happy to bring one to you.   Please email me if you would like me to ship a print to you. 

 If you are interested in making an appointment to come and view anything you see on the site please send me a message.


Bird & Bee In Paris Ontario

Large canvas prints, framed prints, cards and pillows are available located at Wincey Mills which is  at 31 Mechanic Street in Paris, Ontaro.     Please, if you have any enquires about a print, send me an email. 


Giclee Prints on textured archival paper, canvas stretched on a wood frame and framed prints in various sizes of Paris, Ontario, Canada.